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why evolution is not true

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This video on Climate Change (Global Warming) is found at the "Climate Video" tab or click here.  Climate Change has been added to this nominally Evolution versus Biblical Creation website because it bares stark similarity to the scientific problems with Evolution.  The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UNIPCC) is about to issue their fifth report in October 2014.  The draft report just released is the basis for my analysis.  The video evaluates their non-linear climate modeling results to date showing that predictions of future, dire consequences for the earth have no validity.  Their non-linear models have critical flaws because they do not model either the last 15 years of the  "cooling hiatus"  nor the similar cooling between 1900-1930.  For these two intervals  of time their models significantly over-predict the earth's measured temperatures.  Failure to accurately model these cool periods makes their predictions of large temperature increases unsubstantiated.  What is even worse, the UNIPCC effort has totally neglected the millions of years of the earth's cyclical temperature data already in hand.  Serious scientists cannot neglect part of the data available in favor of that which supports their preconceived opinions.  Long ago it was Socrates who famously said that one needs "FOLLOW THE DATA WHEREEVER IT LEADS"!


The new videos are under the "Teaching Videos" tab or click here.  These videos provide the most concise description of the material, and have downloadable PowerPoint handouts of the slides.  View the videos under the "Detailed Videos" tab for additional detail.  Further, analogous to gasoline grade levels, the information referred to on this Website has three levels:

     REGULAR - Teaching Videos - 4 videos - 3 hours - sufficient detail for most people

     PLUS - Detailed Videos - 15 videos - 4 1/2 hours - more detail if desired

     PREMIUM - e-Book - about 225 pages - most detailed explanations including references and appendices


Evolution is not true.  Evolution Theory is without positive scientific proof and as such is not yet even a science.  The two predicitons made by evolution theory have both failed to come true.  There are no "missing link" fossils, and "complex organs" have been found.  If you believe in Evolution Theory, you believe it without proof.  It is faith-based!  Evolution Theory must be either dramatically modified, or discarded as not supported by scientific data or reason.  The first four videos under the "Detailed Videos" and the first video under the "Teaching Videos" give the details for why Evolution Theory is not true.

Biblical Creation on the other hand is an historical account of the creation of the universe and all living beings on earth with strong scientific backing.  The last ten videos under the "Detailed Videos" tab and the last three under the "Teaching Videos" tab detail this strong scientific support for the history that is Biblical Creation.  For example, the Cosmic Background Radiation Clock has measured creation in six cosmic clock days during the 4 1.2 billion year age of the earth in earth years.  The six days of the Bible are literally true, but measured on a different clock!  Further, difficulties between the fossil record and Evolution are resolved by Biblical Creation.  Plants and animals appear on the indicated creation day instead of when Evolution Theory had hoped.

Additional details about these conclusions beyond the videos are presented in the e-book Why Evouition Is Not True.  TheThe videos contain over 90% of the information in the e-book.  View the videos first to decide if you want to read the e-book (cover below) for complete detail including references and appendices.  Probably not too many readers  want to study the derivation of time dilation in Einstein's Relativity Law in one of the appendices! 

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