Dr. Dale E. Nierode, PhD

Dr. Nierode has always been attracted to mysteries which present seemingly impossible situations that ultimately have very logical explanations.  Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie's Poirot detective stories are vivid examples of how the truth results when one looks at a n event from all possible angles.  In that vein, this website and the e-Book demonstrate the melding of science and religion into a consistent explanation of how the universe was formed, and how living beings came to inhabit the earth.

 He is a scientist and engineer who has studied and employed physics, mathematics, and engineering all of his adult life. He has a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering in the subject of thermodynamics from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. His Bachelor of Science degree is in a discipline called Applied Mathematics and Engineering Physics (AMEP) which consists of dual majors in mathematics and physics with a minor in engineering. AMEP was about as concentrated as one could get into the study of science and technology at the time.

After retirement from over 30 years of industrial research in the oil and gas industry his technical interests have returned to the physics of the universe within which we live. He has been a lifelong Christian and has combined his religious and technical expertise in this book to remove the seemingly irreconcilable differences between evolution and Biblical creation. He is well versed in both the scientific and religious worlds, and can bring to the controversy between evolutionism and creationism a credible level of knowledge in both areas. This blending of the religious and scientific worlds demonstrates that both sides are viewing the same event without fully taking the opposition into account. His e-Book is an exciting presentation written for non-scientist and non-religious readers with sufficient citations and appendices for those who want to delve deeper into the subject. Dr. Nierode has always been attracted to mysteries which present seemingly impossible situations that ultimately have very logical explanations.