Why Evolution Is Not True

The Puzzle of Life Finally Comes Together

The book Why Evolution Is Not True is available only in electronic form at this time in the Kindle format.  It can be read on any time of Kindle read or on an I-Pad.  It can be downloaded from  Cost is $3.99 Us  or the book is free if you borrow it from as Prime Customer.  Borrowing for free means that as  Prime Customer you can borrow one book per month for those books that participate in the borrowing program.  Actually, this means that you can borrow one of these books and keep it for as long as you like.  To borrow the next book after one month you must simply return the first borrowed book.  In other words, for my book you could borrow it and keep it free forever, if you did not want to borrow any subsequent books.

DO NOT BE DISSUADED from purchasing the book after looking at the reviews on  Look at the material on this website first to decide if you want to see additional details.  The ferocity of Evolutionists is evident in some of the reviews for which I suspect they did not even read the book.  The vitriol is just par for the course as it has been during the last 150 years since Charles Darwin!

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