Detailed Video


This video demonstrates the complex workings of living cells.  Actual cells are infinitely more complex than even this video shows.  There are complex enzymes, sugars, and other organic polymers constantly being manufactured and transported from sit to sit within the cell's nucleus.  Read the book Cells )see the Biology and Generics reference list) to gain much more detail about the wondrous functioning of this building block of live.  This video is position here because it will be of direct use in the video that follows, Proof for Evolution.  It will be seen that the existence of the human cell disproves Evolution Theory!

To use this video left click on the large triangular symbol on the video screen.  To make the video show full screen, left click on the right-most symbol with four outward point arrows on the control line below the video.  Click this again to return to the partial screen view.  To stop the video at any point, left clock on the parallel lines on the control line.  Click on this symbol again to resume the video.  

Video Length = 16 minutes