Climate Change (GLobal Warming)

Is it really happening?

With the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UNIPCC) set to release its 5th Climate Change Report in October 2014, it is timely to present a critical analysis of their results.  The preliminary report has been issued with significant shortcomings in the non-linear modeling of the earth's temperature for the last 15 years.  Their models fail to account for very significant cooling trends between 1900-1930 and between 1998-2013.  In both of these time periods their models significantly over predict the temperatures actually observed.  They need to modify their models and/or use non-linear modeling least-squares fits before any forward predictions by their models can be believed.  If you significantly over predict the earth's temperatures for the last 15 years (and 1900 -1930), how can you expect to accurately predict what will happen during the next year, more over the next century?

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View the video below for details on what has been done and what should be done to repair the UNIPCC climate models. 

Video Length - 59 minutes                     Click here to open a PDF file of the PowerPoint handout for the slides on Climate Change, you may print or save it.