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why evolution is not true

The videos are chronologically arranged for your viewing.  It is best to view them in the numerical order listed below.  Most videos build upon earlier ones.  The introductory video on the Home Page can be seen there and is 33 minutes long.  All videos together are about 4 1/2 hours long.

To use this video left click on the large triangular symbol on the video screen.  To make the video show full screen, left click on the right-most symbol with four outward point arrows on the control line below the video.  Click this again to return to the partial screen view.  To stop the video at any point, left clock on the parallel lines on the control line.  Click on this symbol again to resume the video.  

01 The Scientific Method- 13 minutes - The step-by-step method of scientists

02 Evolution Theory - 16 minutes - The postulates and predictions of Evolution Theory

03 Cells - 16 minutes - The complexity of living human cells in terms of how they function to continue living

04 Proof for Evolution - 32 minutes - No proof - no "missing link" fossils found -many "complex organs" found - disproving Evolution Theory

05 Biblical Creation - 8 minutes - The history of Biblical Creation in Genesis of the Bible - remaining videos show scientific support 

06 The Big Bang Law - 10 minutes - The physics of the formation of the universe

07 Einstein's Relativity Law- 9 minutes - The revelation that the passage of time is not the same everywhere in the universe

08 Cosmic Clock Times - 15 minutes - The Big Bang and Relativity combine to give the clock for the universe

09 Fossil Data Timing - 13 minutes - Biblical Creation timed on the Cosmic Clock yields perfect agreement with the fossil record

10 DNA & DNA Clocks - 24 minutes - The complex behavior of DNA leads to a clock that can find when the first humans were on earth

11 First Human Ancestors - 15 minutes - Genetic test data on male and female DNA find when Adam, Eve, and Noah were on earth!

12 1,000 Year Lifetimes - 12 minutes - The discovery of telomeres and enzyme telomerase show how very long lifetimes are possible

13 The Human Races - 17 minutes - Vitamin D needs explain the origin of the human races

14 Final Conclusions - 20 minutes - Summary of all of the conclusions seen in the prior videos