Teaching Video Part 3

finding adam, eve, and noah

The rarely changing parts of human (male and female) DNA can be used to estimate when the first humans appeared on earth.  This is know in genetics as the search for the Most Recent Common Ancestor.  Evolution theory has predicted when the first humans evolved based on an expected lineage from chimpanzees.  Biblical Creation reports that humans were created specially as were all other living species.  This video shows the current genetic test results that point to the time when the first male and female were on earth.  The time when  Noah experienced the flood is also revealed.

To use this video left click on the large triangular symbol on the video screen.  To make the video show full screen, left click on the right-most symbol with four outward point arrows on the control line below the video.  Click this again to return to the partial screen view.  To stop the video at any point, left clock on the parallel lines on the control line.  Click on this symbol again to resume the video.  

Video length = 45 minutes                                       Click here to open a PDF file of the PowerPoint handout for the slides in Part 3, you may print or save it