Teaching Video Part 4

Thousand year lifetimes and the human races

The Bible reports individual lifetimes that were typically around 1,000 years from the time of Adam and Eve to somewhat past the lifetime of Noah.  This video discusses Nobel Prize winning genetic results for the discovery of telomeres at the end of chromosomes and the very important enzyme telomerase.  The discovery yields a plausible explanation for lifetimes much longer than those currently known on earth today.

The different races of humans on earth with distinctly different skin colors, statures, and other physical characteristics cannot be explained in evolution theory as distinct endpoints for the evolution process.  Such coincidence would be highly unlikely.  Evolution and Biblical Creation rely on the innate adaptability of he human genome as an explanation.  This video also shows that Vitamin D is the likely explanation for the human races.

To use this video left click on the large triangular symbol on the video screen.  To make the video show full screen, left click on the right-most symbol with four outward point arrows on the control line below the video.  Click this again to return to the partial screen view.  To stop the video at any point, left clock on the parallel lines on the control line.  Click on this symbol again to resume the video.  

Video length = 42 minutes                                      Click here to open a PDF file of the PowerPoint handout for the slides in Part 4, you may print or save it.